The Powerful Duplicate Files Finder and Remover

Smartly scan your Mac to find and Remove Duplicate files easily.

Duplicate Files Sweeper is and easy duplicate files finder helps you give a thorough scan to your Mac to look for duplicate files, photos, music, videos, archives and even duplicate Apps that may be scattered in various folders on your Mac. Recovering disk space by removing clutter is every user’s need and Duplicate Files Sweeper helps you achieve that by detecting and removing duplicates files.

Quick scanning

Quickly scan for duplicate files in selected folders on your Mac

Accurate Results

Irrespective of the number of files in the scan, Duplicate Files Sweeper give you accurate results.

Preview found Files

Compare and review found files before selecting for deletion. Keep one original copy and delete others

Fast Removal

Use the Smart Check feature to auto-select duplicate files to delete. No need to confirm each deletion.

Recover Storage Space

Recover precious disk space by removing clutter in form of duplicate files from your Mac.

Supports External Storage

Easily scan external storage devices to find and remove duplicate files stored in them.


How does Duplicate Files Sweeper Work?


Start the Scan: Get started by choosing folders to scan for Duplicate Files and Start the Scan!


Review Found Files: Review the Duplicate files found in a detailed dashboard. Smart Check selects files to delete for you smartly leaving one copy intact.


Delete Duplicate Files: Auto-select the duplicate files you want to remove and securely delete them in a blink. Enjoy a faster, organized and clutter free Mac!

Deatiled Dashboard to compare Found Duplicate Files.

Once the scan is completed, a detailed Dashboard presents the list of all the duplicate Files found on your Mac. You can review each file and its duplicate copies scattered on your System.

You can trust Duplicate Files Sweeper’s “Smart Check” option to automatically select the duplicate files to be deleted with different available options keeping one original copy intact from the duplicate files.

Voila! You just recovered precious space and removed unwanted files for a faster and organized Mac.


Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to commonly asked questions below. If you'd like help on any other topic, you may contact us and we will try to answer all your queries.

Whenever you download or copy a file or application on your Mac, you may unknowingly create duplicate files. Such files may be Documents, Photos, Applications or any other type of files. When you import pictures from your Phone to your Mac, it is likely to create duplicates if you are re-downloading previously downloaded Photos.

Reclaim occupied space on your drive or SSD and speed up your Mac by removing duplicate files today. Duplicate Files Sweeper is a smart and powerful application that uses advanced algorithms to find and remove various kinds of duplicate files. It is easy to use and you can scan for duplciate files scattered all over your Mac.

Duplicate Files Sweeper can find and search all kinds of files like documents, music files, video files, duplicate applications and duplicate photos.

Duplicate Files Sweeper uses "Smart Check" to select files to be deleted. It always leave back one original copy from a group of duplicate files and that one copy cannot be deleted even by mistake using Duplicate FIles Sweeper.

Duplicate Files Sweeper aims to find and remove Duplicate Files only. If you are looking for a complete Mac Cleaner app you should try our Wise Mac Care. Wise Mac Care is an all in one Mac cleaning and Performance optimization suite. Learn More.

Duplicate Files Sweeper's Trial version allows you to scan for duplciate files, in folders, and remove them for free for first 7 days. Once you have tried the product you need to purchase a license in order to use Duplicate Files Sweeper after 7 days.

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